CTRF Blocked Lane

What do I do when I find a lane obstructed

You can legally remove an obstruction by hand in order to get by but you must only move enough to do so and replace it when you have passed through e.g. if a lane near a farm has a pole across then slide it out and put it back afterwards.

If the lane is blocked by brambles then knock them aside to get through. You can only remove branches in order to proceed. The main rule is that you are not allowed to set out especially to clear the lane unless by prior permission and insurance from CCC and Parish. In case of difficulty like a fallen tree that is too heavy to move, or a deliberate blockage, report the obstruction in writing (a letter can be sent attached to an email to save paper and postage) to the CCC Highways Authority. An extra benefit of doing this is that any written response will be confirmation that CCC accept that it is a County responsibility and is further proof of our rights on that lane.

Further notes to bear in mind

For lanes completely blocked by overgrowth:

For lanes deliberately blocked by persons unknown:


Any form of photograph is acceptable. Whether it is from a camera (preferably digital) or a mobile phone it can be the picture that says a thousand words.

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